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Grazie di cuore!

    • 16 Dec 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Appetito
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    Please join us Friday, December 16th,  at Appetito in Ohana Waikiki East by Outrigger. 

    Choice between regular and vegetarian menu (see attached). Music by Pierre Grill. Additional details will be provided for registered guests.

    Who can register: Solo membership and DUAL membership (bring one guest at member price) 

    Safety policy: All guests will comply with the latest guidance for group gatherings.
    Note: The Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii is not responsible for any liability, cost, and damages which could arise from the programs; and does not provide any refunds, except if it cannot deliver the program, for instance in the case of insufficient enrollment.

    Questions: Email us at info@friendsofitalyhawaii.org.

    Become a member! All Italy lovers are welcome!

    • 10 Jan 2023
    • 4:30 PM
    • 21 Feb 2023
    • 9:00 PM
    • First Unitarian Church of Honolulu 2500 Pali Highway, Honolulu

    Join our membership so you can attend this special event! All Italy lovers are welcome!

    INSTRUCTOR: Chiara Logli is originally from Bologna (Italy) and holds a Ph.D. in international/cross-cultural education from the University of Hawaii and East-West Center. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor and Institutional Assessment Specialist for the Honolulu Community College. In the past, she worked for the University of California Berkeley's International House, University of California Santa Barbara's Multicultural Center, Arts Council for Monterey County, and USAID in Indonesia. She also received the Peace Fellowship from Rotary International in Thailand and collaborated with UNICEF, UNDP, as well as International Baccalaureate Schools. She started teaching Italian language when she was 23 years old and never stopped, including for the Dante Alighieri Society in Santa Cruz and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco. In her free time, she dances hula with Halau Kaulakahi, loves the ocean, and enjoys traveling by boat around small islands or by foot on high mountains.

    LEVELS: Learn Italian language through recent films that are based on best seller books! Every week prior to class, you will review assigned textbook sections as well as an Italian film (and possibly an extract or quote from the book for Level 3). In class, we will do some book exercises, practice conversation, and use the film to further apply grammar. If you are short in time, prioritize the book work and skip the movie, if you have to.     

    • Beginner Level 1 (4:30-6pm): For students who have no or minimal grasp of the Italian language—we’ll cover up to chapter 3 of the book Prego (half chapter per week).
    • Intermediate Level 2 (6-7:30pm): For students who have mastered all grammar and vocabulary of Level 1—we’ll cover chapters 4-9 of the book Prego (a chapter per week).
    • Advanced Level 3 (7:30-9pm): For students who have mastered all grammar and vocabulary of Level 2—we’ll cover from chapter 10 to the end of the book Prego (a chapter per week).

    DATES: Eight Tuesdays, January 10-February 21 (optional pizza party on February 28).

    BOOK: "Prego!" 6th Edition, available online for $5 and up (used). Other editions are fine to use as well, but you may have a hard time finding corresponding pages.

    First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, 2500 Pali Highway, Honolulu. Abundant free parking on site. 

    NOTE: *All students must be members, no guests are allowed, not even for Dual members.* The Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii is not responsible for any liability, cost, and damages which could arise from the programs; and does not provide any refunds, except if it cannot deliver the program, for instance in the case of insufficient enrollment.

    QUESTIONS: Please contact info@friendsofitalyhawaii.org.

Past events

16 Nov 2022 Week of Italian Cuisine in the World: French vs. Italy Wine Tasting, a joint event by the Alliance Française of Hawaii and the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii
20 Oct 2022 Week of Italian Language in the World, October: Italian Language Night: A Taste of Italian (presentation) OPEN TO ALL
18 Oct 2022 Try It Out Language Class (FREE FOR ALL)
30 Sep 2022 Wine Bottling Event: Bottle Your Own Italian Wine at Oeno Winery in Kailua
20 Sep 2022 Language class: Learning Italian through films and movie soundtracks (Fall 2022, Members only)
28 Aug 2022 Special Event: Celebrating Traditional Recipes with Nonna Live at Da Shop
27 Aug 2022 DINNER ON MAUI: Italian Midsummer Night with Chef Rosa Mariotti of Molto Ono
20 Aug 2022 "Sgroppino" pool party
5 Jul 2022 Language class: Italian for adults but through children's books! Ageless fun! (Members only*)
26 May 2022 Money talk: Investing in Italy--Living, renting, buying property
14 May 2022 Friends of Italy Volunteer Day at Hoa ′Āina O Mākaha Farm
12 May 2022 Lecture & cello performance with Italian artist-in-residence: Altea Narici (free event, open to all)
11 May 2022 Annual meeting (Members only, online)
30 Apr 2022 30(+) Anniversary party: Finalmente festeggiamo! (Members only)
27 Apr 2022 Talk: Italian living--Become an Italian citizen, resident, or visitor for a little while (free & open to all)
12 Apr 2022 Language class: Learning Italian through conversation (Members only*)
6 Apr 2022 Caffe' letterario--The Stolen Lady: A Novel of World War II and the Mona Lisa by Laura Morelli (Free for all)
12 Mar 2022 Pasta-making and dinner: Tagliatelle al salmone
10 Mar 2022 Talk--Father to daughter, Italy to Hawaii: A conversation about family, music and dance
26 Feb 2022 Ricotta workshop and dinner: Crostini, pasta, and dessert
24 Feb 2022 Talk: Italian citizenship: I got it on my own! (Free event!)
5 Feb 2022 Cooking Class and Dinner: Nothing says "Amore" like Pasta (members only)
2 Feb 2022 Caffe' letterario: Trust (Confidenza) by Starnone (free event!)
30 Jan 2022 Cooking demonstration: Italian resolution for the new year!
27 Jan 2022 Talk: Dream House--Buying a property in Italy (free event!)
18 Jan 2022 Language class: Adults (Winter 2022, members only)
16 Jan 2022 A night in Capri: Wine tasting at Brick Fire Tavern
18 Dec 2021 Cooking class and dinner: Buon Natale! (members only)
12 Dec 2021 Picnic al parco: Bocce, calcio, potluck (postponed to 12/12)
20 Nov 2021 Gusto di Mare: Wine pairing dinner at Arancino di Mare
18 Nov 2021 Lecture: Muslims in Dante’s Divina Commedia and in Western Art (Free for all! Online)
28 Oct 2021 Lecture: The beauty, value and comfort of a city at human scale (Free for all! Online)
17 Oct 2021 Wine Tasting: A Tuscan Night, but in Kailua (Bottleheads)
11 Oct 2021 Caffe' Letterario: "Atlantis: A journey in search of beauty" by Carlo and Renzo Piano (Members only)
30 Sep 2021 Lecture: A museum in the city-museum (Free for all! Online)
28 Sep 2021 Language class: Adults (Fall 2021, members only)
26 Sep 2021 The Cuisine of Emilia-Romagna: Tasting menu with wine pairing at Quiora
13 Sep 2021 Caffe' Letterario: "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis" by Giorgio Bassani (Members only)
5 Aug 2021 Live from Italy: Virtual wine presentation with Tenuta Sant’ Antonio winery
20 May 2021 Talk: Paths to Italian citizenship (online, members only)
15 May 2021 A taste of Sicily II: Tasting menu with wine pairing
11 May 2021 Language class: Adults (Summer 2021, members only)
4 May 2021 Annual meeting (online, members only)
29 Apr 2021 Lecture: Seeing clearly: What if stars twinkle too much? (Free for all! Online)
12 Apr 2021 Caffe' Letterario: "The Baron in the Trees" by Italo Calvino (Members only)
10 Apr 2021 A taste of Sicily: Tasting menu with wine pairing
25 Mar 2021 Lecture: Italian opera (Free for all! Online)
24 Mar 2021 FOI Welcomes and Congratulates Mayor Rick Blangiardi (Members Only)*
9 Mar 2021 Language class: Adults (Spring 2021, members only)
8 Mar 2021 Caffe' Letterario: Borgo Sud by Donatella Di Pietrantonio (Free for all! Italian language only)
25 Feb 2021 Lecture: The long shadow cast by Dante (Free for all! Online)
20 Feb 2021 Wine tasting: A night in Venice (Appetito)
23 Jan 2021 Wine tasting: A night in Amalfi (Brick Fire Tavern)
18 Jan 2021 Caffe' Letterario: "A girl returned" by Donatella Di Pietrantonio (Members only)
5 Jan 2021 Language class: Adults (Winter 2021, members only)
18 Dec 2020 Wine tasting: Virtual with Dalla Terra
12 Dec 2020 Wine tasting: A night in Amalfi (Brick Fire Tavern)
10 Dec 2020 Lecture: Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520)--A humble homage on the 500th anniversary of his death (Free for all! Online)
7 Dec 2020 December Food Drive for Hoa Aina O Makaha
21 Nov 2020 Wine tasting with appetizers: Il Tappo
19 Nov 2020 Lecture: Italian opera, UNESCO heritage (Free for all! Online)
15 Nov 2020 Contribute to our 30th anniversary cookbook! (members only)
9 Nov 2020 Caffe' Letterario: The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante
3 Nov 2020 Language Class: Adults, Level 1 (online, members only)
29 Oct 2020 Lecture: Living on the Moon and Mars (Free for all! Online)
18 Oct 2020 Aperitivo: Happy Hour (online)
23 Sep 2020 Annual meeting (online, members only)
20 Sep 2020 Game Night: Italian!
8 Sep 2020 Language class: Adults (members only)
1 Aug 2020 Aperitivo
11 Jul 2020 Dinner: Chef Testa's Gourmet Mediterranean Dining Experience
27 Jun 2020 Cooking class: Pizza
7 Mar 2020 Cooking class: Pasta cuts
27 Feb 2020 Lecture: Are there mermaids in Hawaiʻi and Sicily?
22 Feb 2020 Bocce and potluck: Carnevale!
30 Jan 2020 Dance class: Tarantella
25 Jan 2020 Lecture and tour: Dante's Divina Commedia
7 Jan 2020 Language Class: Adults
14 Dec 2019 Cena di Natale: Appetito (by Chef Hiro, Executive Chef of Taormina Sicilian Cuisine)
7 Dec 2019 Cooking class: Canederli (meat balls)
9 Nov 2019 Cooking class: Tiramisu'
9 Nov 2019 Language class: Children
9 Nov 2019 Art class: Painting in Italian
24 Oct 2019 Lecture: Marine explorations
19 Oct 2019 Bocce and potluck
5 Oct 2019 Cooking class: Risotto
28 Sep 2019 Lecture and tour: Firenze and its dome
10 Sep 2019 Language Class: Adults
7 Sep 2019 Cooking class: Limoncello
29 Aug 2019 Lecture: Learn from rocks how to defeat cancer
3 Aug 2019 Cooking class: Lasagne
17 Jul 2019 Party: Maserati Yacht--Benvenuti!
6 Jul 2019 Cooking class: Ravioli
8 Jun 2019 Cooking class: Ravioli
30 May 2019 Lecture: Cinematic connections
20 May 2019 Annual meeting and dinner: Outrigger Canoe Club
1 May 2019 Film and panel: Leonardo 500
20 Apr 2019 Community service: Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha with Gigi
20 Apr 2019 Language class: Children
11 Apr 2019 Wine tasting: Flavors of Italy and Mediterraneo
6 Apr 2019 Cooking class: Biscotti
2 Apr 2019 Language class: Adults
28 Mar 2019 Lecture: Climate change--Hurricanes in the Mediterranean and Pacific
9 Mar 2019 Community service: Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha with Gigi
23 Feb 2019 Cooking class: Gnocchi
31 Jan 2019 Lecture: Land that connects hearts
26 Jan 2019 Cooking class: Pizza
22 Jan 2019 Language class: Adults

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